Repeat After Me, “No, We Have Not Been Brainwashed”.

The world is tech-mad. We stumble through life clinging onto reality by our wi-fi connection. Because that’s what reality has become. Why go out and ask someone how they are when you can check their Facebook or Twitter page? Why bother meeting with friends when we can skype or call them? Why don’t we pull the plug, quite literally on these things? We can cut the chains from around our ankles but, like it or not, technology has revolutionised our lives. Do I want to spend my life staring at a screen? Of course not. Can I stop? Not a chance. But the real question is can I afford to stop? Everything is run on the base of technology now; schools, shops, even the hospitals are texting out appointments to people for God’s sake!

For anyone who thinks I’m struggling to use any of these new gadgets, you’re wrong. I’m a twenty year old with a relatively good grasp on technology.

Studying event management has opened my eyes to how much more these advancements are bringing to the table. Meetings are done online, tickets are now mobile-friendly and drones are being used to get footage of concerts. But if everything that was once interactive is now accessible online, if paper is being replaced by mobile devices and the job of the trusty hand-held camera now lies with something flying 15 feet above us, looking like a baby UFO, are we really in control? Of course it makes things far more efficient. I’m not pretending I’m not looking forward to using all these things myself. In a work context technology is the best thing to ever happen to us.

But do we know the difference between technology making our life easier, more efficient and technology making our life entertaining? Do we understand, that although the positives far outweigh the negatives, we can still survive without technology for 75% of the day?

Of course we don’t.

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