Wintry “What I Wore” Wednesday

Blogmas Day 2;

Winter is my favourite season, clothes-wise.  I love layering clothes.  I know it can be quite tempting to throw style out the window when you can put on a baggy jumper and big coat and not worry about anyone seeing your outfit.  But I still (attempt to) make the effort.

(Although to be honest, sometimes my OOTD is my PJs).


Today I had quite an early start in town.  I dressed for warmth and comfort as I knew I would be doing a lot of walking around and that it was likely to be freezing!



I paired a comfortable pair of black jeans with a smart casual lace top.  I threw on my large army green jacket (my absolute go to piece as it has 2 huge pockets and I lose everything in my handbag).  My feet sported a black shoe-boot with a cream trim.

I’m a big fan of scarves, I rarely leave the house without one and it’s become more of a necessary accessory than a practical item.  I bought these maroon fingerless gloves/mittens a while back and find they add a nice touch of colour to outfits that are on the darker side.

Hats are cute. Period.


Make-up today was kept minimal- I’m wearing the following;

Foundation; Catrice All Matte plus- 010 Light Beige
Concealer; Catrice Camouflage- 010 Ivory
Eyebrows; No.7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit- Light
Mascara; Essence- get BIG! lashes
Lipstick;W7 Kiss- Scarlet Fever


Stay tuned for more festive looks as Christmas approaches!




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