Irish Tradition Thursday

Blogmas Day 3;


Over the next few Thursdays I’ll be exploring some Christmas traditions, some personal and some more relatable.  I’m kicking this week’s off with Irish Christmas Traditions.


These are just a few of the traditions all Irish people are familiar with.

Mass; Ah the good ole Christmas Eve mass.  Now I’m not religious, haven’t been for a number of years, but there’s just something about the whole family getting dressed up and heading down to the church.  I don’t know what it is but staying at home by yourself and missing out on the sing song at 9pm just isn’t right!

Now anyone who goes to the annual mass knows it almost has a bigger turnout than than the All Ireland Final   (google it!).  I’m not joking.  One year I spent the entire hour with my ass hanging off the seat and my arms in the robot position. Those pews are not made for 8 people!


St Stephen’s Day (December 26th);  Known as Boxing Day in the UK, St. Stephen’s Day is when you “go on the wren”.  Essentially you go door to door singing and get money off of your neighbours.  It’s the trick or treating of the Christmas period.

I find the whole thing to be a little ridiculous but that’s probably just because I can’t get away with it any more 😛  The unofficial cut-off age is like 13/14 years old.

The Chocolate Tin;  So you know how socks and body spray are the go-to Dad gifts?  No?  No one else?  Sorry Dad… just us so.  Well it’s only customary to bring a tin of Roses, maybe the odd tin of biscuits when you do the rounds to friends and family’s houses over the Christmas period.

So here’s how it goes down.

One week of relatives and neighbours visiting plus the pre-Christmas offers on the chocolates in Super Valu equals a minimum of 5 boxes of a sugar-addict’s bliss.  Now you’re thinking that doesn’t sound all that bad, kick back, have a drink and a chocolate or 2 boxes!  It’s Christmas.  You’re supposed to binge on bad food.  That’s where you’re wrong.

We’ve had the words “Put those away for Easter” said to us more times than I can tell you.  Easter.  Four months away.  When there’ll obviously be a chocolate shortage or something?  Good thinking Dad..

Shout out to all the Christmas Dads out there with their crazy Christmas logic!

Women’s Little Christmas;  This is the official end to the Irish Christmas season on January 6th.  It’s traditionally a day dedicated to women, a day off of sorts where the men take on all the household duties.  What usually happens is the women mutter about how it’s supposed to be a day off while the men head off and do whatever men do to avoid helping with the housework 😉  Sadly this day also signals the end of the season and the decorations come down a day or two later 😦


Special hello to anyone reading this who’s not from Ireland and thinking we’re nuts!  I’m very interested in how other cultures celebrate Christmas and hopefully will do a post on some international traditions.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and thoughts- Tweet me @Samantha_Events.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, it’s really gotten me in the Christmas spirit!



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