Stressful Saturdays- Gift Shopping

Blogmas Day 5;

Christmas shopping is one of the best ways to get you in festive spirit but for some it can be an absolute nightmare.  Not so much due to a shortage of eccentric Christmas gifts but the people on the receiving end of these gifts.

Here’s my list of the people you’ll most likely end up buying for;

The one who doesn’t want anything-  Mostly aimed at the Moms out there.  Keep saying it and one day you’ll end up with an empty gift box!  We’re getting you something anyway so please try to help us out.  1-

Side note for the gift givers- a household utensil is not a gift for a Mom, get her something a little more thoughtful!


The one who you always end up buying the same things for-  Usually these people seem happy to get the same gifts over and over again, such as make up and perfume, but for gift givers it can seem like a bit of a cop out.  We really do hope you enjoy your sixteen bottles of foundation and aren’t just saying that!


The one with the expensive taste-  You know the type.  Lists of expensive perfumes, designer bags and spa getaways.  They’re not entirely to blame but I mean are the hundreds of euros worth it just so you can be basic? 3(ahem looking the Michael Kors’ fans here 😉 ).



The one who doesn’t hate/doesn’t love anything- These people have the same response to every gift they’ve ever gotten so it’s kind of difficult to pinpoint what they actually like.4


The one who you know nothing about-  We’ve all been in a Secret Santa (Kris Kringle) situation  where you end up buying for someone who you barely know.



The one who has similar taste to you-  We have no problem buying for these people as they’re pretty much ourselves.  Which can be bad when you run out of make up or suddenly need a new dress for a Christmas party… Oops here comes the standard bath and body creams sets.


Lets maybe make a better effort this year to help out those buying for us and take the stress out of it for everyone.  Plus you don’t end up with 5 pairs of penguin socks!



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