Stocking Filler Sunday- My Favourite Movies

Blogmas Day 6;

Stocking Filler Sunday is more of a “Blogmas topic filling Sunday because I needed an S word and this post is going to be random af every week”. 😉



Today’s random Christmas post is a list of my favourite Christmas movies to get me in the festive mood;

3. Home Alone

This one is a total classic.  Who doesn’t love a movie with a hero?  And if that hero happens to be a cute 8 year old kid, even better.  As much as I loved watching this movie, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the sequel Lost in New York.  It had its parts but I thought it was a little overdone.  Now speaking of movies about lost kids, there’s one where a baby wanders New York by himself (Baby Binky?) and ends up on a building site and it’s very funny.  But I digress.

2.The Santa Clause

Now a Christmas saga that I can definitely get on board with is The Santa Clause (The Mrs Clause and the Escape Clause).  I loved these movies as a kid and still do.  Bernard, the E.L.F.S (Effective Liberating Flight Squad) and Charlie- everything about these movies were perfect.

1.Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks is my favourite Christmas movie of all time.  I’m a comedy girl and as much as I enjoy the touching aww moments in all of the classics you cannot beat a good Christmas comedy.  Basically The Kranks, husband and wife, decide to go to the Caribbean for Christmas (with a lot of resistance from the neighbours) until they learn that their daughter is coming home and expecting the usual Christmas Eve party.  Hilarity ensues with bad tans, hickory ham and a cameo from good old St. Nick.  Definitely a must see.


I know my choices mightn’t be very traditional but each to their own and I never fail to love all of the above 🙂

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