Tinseltown Tuesdays- Outdoor Decor

Blogmas Day 8;

Tuesday’s are going to be a little more visual.  As I’m in college and don’t get the chance to decorate either my student apartment or my family home, I’m going to use Tuesdays as an excuse to drool over Christmas house decor!

Today I am going to have a look at outdoor decorations.  At home we don’t really do up the garden, more the front of the house so these are some cute decorations I’d love to include.

Outdoor Decorations

I love the feeling of walking under the arches at the Christmas market in the city.  I think it’s something so simple, yet makes a big impact.  Similarly the arch around the door is beautiful and definitely something I could see done up at my house.

Garden lights are cute any day of the year but I think they’re even nicer when they’re more festive.  The trail of lights up to a front door or even these adorable mini Christmas trees are a fantastic addition to any garden at Christmas.

Lastly, I know everyone is crazy about how their Christmas trees look but I am in love with bare trees.  Not particularly as a replacement for the traditional fir but in general.  This is one the reasons that Autumn is my favourite season.  I think it’s a good idea to make the best of what you have and if you have a few bare trees in the garden, why not throw a few white lights on them?

I’m so disappointed that I can’t be at home to do the decorating this Christmas so  I think I’m really going to enjoy writing the Tuesday blog posts!  I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂


Tweet me @Samantha_Events and let me know you’re favourite thing about Christmas or leave a comment down below!

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