Tradition Thursdays- Christmas Shopping

Blogmas Day 10;

My earliest memory of Christmas shopping isn’t actually of me shopping.  Living where I do, in the middle of nowhere, a decent place to do Christmas shopping is far and few between.  So I remember being really little and my Mom leaving the house super early to get a bus to the city that was over two hours away.  At the time it seemed like she was gone for forever and when she got back that night I was always so intrigued to see what she had brought.  Of course, it was always something tiny as the real presents were hidden away for Christmas, courtesy of Smyths.  There’s actually a story of my Mom on her way back to the bus and realising that she had forgotten a baby doll at the Smyth’s checkout.  She stood knocking at the door, as it was past closing, until someone showed up and she was reunited with, what turned out to be, one of my favourite toys.


Fast forward 10 years and you have the second stage of Christmas shopping.  The we’re-old-enough-to-do-our-own-shopping-but-not-too-far-away-from-our-parents stage.  This was fun in a not really fun at all kind of way.  Kind of like hide and seek.  Like hey no Dad don’t look in this direction, I’m holding your present.  Not that it matters.  As soon as the presents go under the tree my sisters start calling your bluff.  “You got me this didn’t you?”  There’s only so long you can keep a straight face.


Now I’m living away from home but still spend Christmas there.  I have the city at my finger tips and no one sneaking around to see what I’m buying.  The only issue is transporting 6 gifts (yes I shop for my dog and cat- got something to say about that? 😛 ) home on a bus when you kind of have to pack clothes also! #thestruggleisreal


I love Christmas shopping.  Especially when it goes to plan.  This year I was very fortunate and had a relatively stress free shop- Tune in Saturday (Stress Shop Saturdays) to hear all about it!


What are some of your Christmas traditions?  Let me know in the comments or Tweet me @Samantha_Events. Next Thursday I’ll be looking at some international traditions which I’m really looking forward to 🙂

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