Stressful Saturdays-Efficient Christmas Shopping

Blogmas Day 12;

Happy Official Start of Christmas!  In my mind the 12th is where it all begins, might be an Irish thing?

So I’m not the best shopper in the world.  I get cranky, tired, hungry and generally just want to be at home.  I’m literally a baby.  So if you’re like me here’s a few tips to keep the irritation under wraps.


Make a plan

I always try to plan out my gifts and where I will buy them if possible.  If you’re in a situation where you do your shopping in a city or town that you do not know, chances are you can’t plan this.  In fact, you’re probably the smiley people walking around (very slowly) admiring the Christmas lights.  That’s okay- just bear in mind that there are super impatient people around you 😛

Don’t be rude to sales staff

I know it’s difficult when sales staff can’t be of much help or are disinterested but don’t be rude.  The last thing you need three hours in to your shop is to start bickering with the sales assistant and leave 10 times more upset than you already were.  It’s not worth the stress.  Big breath in and start from 10, 9, 8…..

Don’t fret the small stuff

This happened to me this year.  I had gifts planned out for everyone.  I knew where I was getting them.  And then I get there and turns out they don’t sell them any more.  Panic central.  Google was not, in fact, my friend.  And then when I finally calmed down (or my brain realised I was freaking out and dug really deep)  I remembered another store that might have what I was looking for.  They did.  Happy days!  If it’s a case of a really rare gift and the only place that would have it doesn’t, try having a back up.


I love giving gifts over receiving them.  But as a seasoned receiver of gifts, I can honestly say that it’s the thought that counts so don’t get too stressed. And if all else fails- Internet Shopping. 😉

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