Tradition Thursday- Christmas Around the World

Blogmas Day 17;

This Tradition Thursday looks at how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.


Bethlehem-  If you are religious, to you Bethlehem is the town in which Jesus Christ is said to have been born.  Christmas is very reflection based and not as commercialised as it would be in, say, Ireland.  Crowds gather at the church to watch the annual procession which finishes up inside the church.  In Ireland, similarly, we would have a mass on December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Mexico- In Mexico elaborate Christmas markets are set up, selling food and flowers.  One such flower, which is closely associated with Christmas in Mexico, is the poinsettia.  I found this interesting as the poinsettia is a popular Christmas flower in Ireland but I wasn’t aware of its origin.  The journey of Mary and Joseph is also reenacted by people all over Mexico, in the 9 day lead up to Christmas.

Japan- Christmas in Japan was traditionally celebrated by those who converted to Christianity.  However, nowadays it is widely celebrated throughout Japan, with the many people adopting western traditions.  Such traditions include gift-giving, eating turkey and decorated homes with evergreens.

While not religious I celebrate Christmas every year with my friends and family.  I think outside of religion Christmas also has a very deep meaning for all who celebrate it.  Let me know in the comments!


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