Foodie Friday- Christmas Getaway

Blogmas Day 18;


Before I headed home for Christmas my Mom joined me for 2 day Christmas getaway in Galway.  We decided to eat out at one of the local hotels on our first night.

I went all out and tried a seafood platter for my starter.  It had crispy squid, grilled prawns, cured salmon and I did not enjoy it in the slightest!  Mom went with the safe option of vegetable soup which turned out to be pretty delicious.

For the main we both opted for steak, mine medium-rare, hers well-done.  The steak was pretty good, not the best I’ve ever had but rather tasty.  It was served with four monster “chips”.  To me they seemed more like fondant potatoes but whatever they were, they were incredible.  Topped off with a side of peppercorn sauce and a cold bottle of Budweiser, it really was a great main.

Dessert was most definitely a push as by the end of the main I was stuffed…but you can’t not have dessert!  The Bailey’s chocolate cheese cake was very rich but it had the most incredible butterscotch sauce over it.

I swear we ate so much in the last 2 days I can barely look at food now 😛

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