Stressful Saturdays-Last Minute Shopping

Blogmas Day 19;

We have a running joke in our house about men at Christmas.  Step inside a pharmacy on the week of Christmas and no doubt you will see a handful of panicked men picking up perfume and whatever else they can find.  If you’re panic shopping at this stage you’re on the “Dad Level”. 😛

This of course is only a joke among ourselves and I know with the countdown to Christmas truly on, I still have some bits and pieces to pick up.  Wednesday morning is the day myself and my Mom have set for the Christmas dinner shopping. We have our turkey ordered already, to be picked up on Christmas eve. My advice to anyone shopping for Christmas dinner would be to pick up as much as possible early on.  I know the likes of vegetables won’t stay fresh for long but get other bits in weeks before.  If I look in our cupboard now, I know I’ll find wine, brown sugar, cloves, gravy, bread and seasonings.  It’s crazy the amount of these things that will be sold out days before Christmas!

While you’re hung up on the dinner, don’t forget the miscellaneous items; Christmas crackers, stocking fillers  and the odd box of chocolates in case someone unexpectedly calls to the house!  Countdown’s on- no more stressful Saturdays. 😯

Merry Christmas Everyone 😀

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