Teaching English Abroad; What You Need To Know- Vietnam

In about six weeks I will leave for Vietnam to take part in a five month TEFL internship. Having recently completed an online TEFL course I found it rather difficult to decide on my next move.  With an excess of information, which funnily enough can be quite vague, I decided to blog my TEFL journey in an attempt to help some future TEFL hopefuls.

What is TEFL?
TEFL is an internationally recognised course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language abroad.  The issue with TEFL is that it is not regulated by one body and so choosing the right organisation to do your course with may seem a little daunting.

I bought my 120 hour online course from the International Open Academy and completed modules in various aspects such as reading, writing and speaking English as well as how to make lesson plans. However when it came to pursuing a job abroad I found myself at a loss.  I signed up to a newsletter with i-to-i TEFL and quickly received some very interesting emails.  Opportunities for interns to travel to both China and Vietnam were on the cards for 2017!  The package was reasonable enough, although I had no standard against which to measure as there is little information about TEFL costs online.  €1,195 was a discounted rate which covered your TEFL course, five months accommodation and sundries  such as the orientation week and support whilst in Vietnam.  The course side of things are provided by i-to-i but the internship itself is run by the English Language Company.  

I chose an internship over a TEFL job as it is better suited to those who may be apprehensive about moving abroad.  The interns have great support abroad.  As well as this, they are placed in shared accommodation which means you are living with someone who is more than likely going to be just as new to the whole situation!  As for Vietnam, it appealed to me for a number of reasons.  I had heard wonderful things about the country, both of its stunning scenery and welcoming people.  As well as this, on a more practical note, the pay was significantly better than in China.

Halong Bay- Vietnam
Halong Bay- Vietnam

Making the decision to buy the package was the easiest part of the entire process unfortunately.  The stress which followed was next to nothing I’ve experienced before.  Luckily, I am coming to the end of my dreaded to-do list and can hopefully pass on some nuggets of wisdom.  Next week’s blog post will focus on what you’ll need and where to start!

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