Resisting the Pressure to Give Up Writing.

via Daily Prompt: Resist

I am in the midst of an identity crisis, one of which has writing at the centre.  I had great hopes for my half a year abroad in terms of inspiration for writing and blog expansion.  Instead I find myself wholly discouraged.  It seems like every second intern is blogging and the thought of the blogosphere being already so clogged up with Tet holiday photos and internship tips makes it very difficult to find a unique angle.

Resisting the nagging feeling that maybe writing is not my forte is now my main task.

Writing has been my creative outlet and dream job for the last number of years.  It allows me to express myself in a productive way and gather my thoughts in one place.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have yet to properly settle into Vietnam and have not found a rhythm that I am finding it more difficult to write.  Cliché as it may seem I am taking it as a sign that today’s writing prompt was top of my WordPress timeline and got me this far at least.

Hopefully new blog posts up in the next week ❤

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