Part 4- Malaysian Melancholy

After a brief few days in Singapore I was moving onto Malaysia’s capital, the huge city of Kuala Lumpur and boy was it the worst journey of my life.  I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail but in short- late taxi, missed my bus, 600 hours in customs at border control and finally scam taxis.  I decided to get the bus to Malaysia because it was very cheap and (once I managed to get on one) extremely comfortable.  Picture mini couches to yourself with raised foot rests.  The problems I encountered were mainly down to timing.  I didn’t realise I would have to go into the building to get my ticket, presuming an E-ticket would suffice.  Also the building for the buses is right next to a building of the same name so that made things easier!  The traffic entering Malaysia was unbelievable.  I think by the time I reached Times Square Shopping Centre in KL I was 5 hours late.  Internet was tricky to find so I ended up paying 4 times the regular price for a taxi but I was just delighted to finally be at the hostel.  I stayed at Marquee Guest Houzz, just off of Kasturi Walk.  I hadn’t really thought through going travelling after I finished teaching so I ended up bringing a suitcase.  Worst decision of my life (2 flights of stairs in the hostel).  The hostel was quite nice if not a little antisocial.  I met a girl from England while I was there and ended up joining her for dinner, feeling relieved to have a proper conversation once again. It wasn’t until 2 days in that I noticed from our balcony we could see the KL Tower which changes colour at night and makes for a spectacular view especially when there’s a lightning storm.


First on my to do list in KL was visiting the Petronas Towers.  I hopped in a taxi and the sweetest driver brought me to the towers before showing me the best place to take photos featuring them in the background (a little island in the middle of the road).  I refuse to use a selfie stick so it was a lot of double chins and sad timed photos!  But the towers were incredible.  I passed the day strolling around the towers, taking pictures, popping inside only to cool down before heading to an IRISH bar just down from the towers. There I got a delicious fish and chips and a Kilkenny beer which abated the homesickness slightly.


Whilst in KL I went back as far as Times Square Shopping Centre for a wander.  It’s such a beautiful place with food and music outside.  I also took a trip around the little India market, buying some cheesy souvenirs for back home.

For the most part I didn’t enjoy Kuala Lumpur. It was just a bit too intense.  So many people, the roads were crazy and I just didn’t feel comfortable.  Malaysia as well was the first place I felt a little bit vulnerable.  There, the men stared at you and didn’t look away when you caught their eye.  I was also very disappointed with the food choices but feel that maybe I just chose a bad area to stay in.

After the city I decided to move onto Penang off the West Coast which I must say did give me a  better impression of Malaysia.



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