Making the Most of Your Exchange

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Studying English in a foreign country can be a great opportunity IF you make the most of it.


Speak English;  This seems obvious but students are often nervous to throw themselves into speaking the language in front of other people in case they embarrass themselves.
Don’t be nervous.  Use the English that you have.  Teachers are patient and experienced and should be able to help you at any level.

Research and embrace the culture;  You are essentially choosing a temporary second home and where you choose is going to have a big influence on your experience.
Once you get there embrace the local food, music and social norms in order to maximise your experience.

Make friends from other countries;  In the first few days and weeks when students are nervous they usually hang out with people who speak their language and understand their customs.
In my experience students who make friends of different nationalities improve their English more quickly.  This is because they are forced to use English to communicate during break-times and activities outside of school.

Don’t be hard on yourself; Students get upset when they are not making progress as quickly as they would like.  Don’t worry about the first few weeks.  You are still settling in and getting used to a new life.  Have fun!


Embrace – Accept something enthusiastically
Hang out – Spend time with people
Get used to – Become familiar with something


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