7 Ways to Use English in your Daily Routine

Hey everyone!

To improve your English you need to practice, practice, practice!  If you only speak English in class but then come home and go back to your native language you won’t remember the English you have just learned.

Here are some ways you can use English in your daily routine:

    • Write lists in English – Shopping lists and to do lists, anything to practice your vocabulary!
    • Speak in English with your friends – I mentioned in my last post that students often live with other students from their home country.  If you come to another country to study English with a friend, husband or wife you should see that as an advantage.  Take the opportunity to speak as much English with them as possible.
    • Listen to music in English – You can practice a lot of skills with music; listening obviously, speaking and pronunciation as well as reading if you look up the lyrics!
    • Watch as many TV shows in English as possible  A lot of TV shows are in multiple languages so you can usually watch your favourite shows in English!  I’ll write a separate post with recommendations 😀
    • Read instructions, signs etc.  When you are cooking read the instructions on the food packets.  If you are taking a bus or planning a trip look at the vocabulary they are using on buses and maps.
    • Google in English – If you need to search for a word’s definition or find a shop in your city Google in English.  You would be surprised at how much you can understand.
    • Change your social media to English – Use Facebook and Instagram in English and see how much vocabulary you pick up!

Start with small changes and slowly increase until you are using English naturally as part of your daily routine!



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