Foodie Friday- Christmas Food Trial

Blogmas Day 11;

FotorCreated 2

Christmas is a very difficult time for the indecisive. Especially in the way of Christmas treats- there are just too many.

So being the selfless creatures we are, my boyfriend and I tried a few festive treats from the shelves of our local super market so you didn’t have to!

Disclaimer- Our local super market is Dunnes Stores so it features a bit.  

Disclaimer 2- Although these products are rated on a Kanye West Approval Scale out of 5, Kanye West has not officially endorsed them ūüėõ


Mr Kipling Elf Slices-  


  • These look super festive.
  • They have a sour apple sweets smell off them which I really liked.
  • It’s Mr. Kipling and that man knows how to do cute, delicious cakes.


  • They don’t taste much like apple- the scent is a trick.

FotorCreated  4/5 Kanyes


Dunnes Stores All Butter Iced Mince Pies 


  • It’s a mince pie with icing.
  • The mince meat was yummy.
  • The top did not come off the mince pie when I tried to take it out of the case. ¬†Sounds stupid but it happens more than you think.


  • Pastry wasn’t that good. ¬†Compared it to Mr Kipling Mince Pies that I had last week. ¬†Sorry they didn’t make the cut.
  • The image on the package looked more appealing- lots of squished icing on the real pies.

FotorCreated 4/5 Kanyes


Dunnes Stores’ Iced Fruit Slices


  • I personally believe in sampling all the components of a cake/pie separately to see what it tastes like on its own. ¬†My boyfriend thinks this is sacrilege and that food comes whole for a reason. ¬†The cake part of the Iced Slice was super good on its own!
  • It wasn’t a super strong cake but it had a nice whiskey taste off of it.


  • Marzipan sucks. ¬†I speak for myself only.
  • There was a crunchy, sweet texture off the cake which was a bit like eating sugar from a packet.

kanye 5 5/5 Kanyes


Christmas cake will always be the undisputed King of Christmas treats. ¬†Originally this was supposed to be a mince pie taste around but I got distracted by all the other food (I may have half a packet of jam doughnuts in the kitchen…) but I think it worked out well for all in the end!