Tinseltown Tuesday- Silver & Gold Decor

Blogmas Day 15:



In my house we’ve always done bright, multicoloured decorations and lots of flashy lights.  I’ve noticed the whole silver and gold thing is becoming quite popular and it’s definitely something I’m a big fan of.

I think tree-wise, the more basic you go, the better it looks.  While researching for this post I actually found a Christmas tree that was covered in fake snow only and I have to admit the green and white was absolutely enough.  Silver and gold decorations give a theme I suppose to an otherwise quite chaotic design.  With flashing lights you almost don’t know where to look but with cool silvers and warm golds you can really appreciate it.

The mantle piece is the main feature in every sitting room so I think it’s very important to have it decorated tastefully yet in an eye-catching fashion.  That’s why the silver candlesticks caught my attention.  There’s something dramatic and almost old- fashioned about them.  That’s the thing; decorations are getting a lot more ornate.  The peace weights for the Christmas stocking are quite extravagant but again, there’s just something much nicer about them.

I definitely think this will be the route I’ll go down when I finally have a place of my own to decorate!